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New legislative onslaught against homeschooling

Risk of compulsory schooling due to parental rights’ reform

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

Schooling by default for children 3 to 18 years old in case of parental clash.

The bill about parental rights and child’s interests adds a new article to the Education Code : the section L.131-13.

According to this article, any child from the age of 3 is sent directly to state school if his parents disagree about forms of education on change of residence or at the beginning of a new school year and this, whatever the education choices might have
been previously. This section contradicts the current Education code according to which education is compulsory for children from 6 to 16 years old and provided by state or private schools or parents.

The French Parliament is made up of the National Assembly and the Senate. A law is adopted if both assemblies agree on the same text.
Currently, the bill on parental rights and child interests has passed the National Assembly and will probably come under discussion in the Senate in October.

This is the next step of our struggle for homeschooling

A petition has been written.

This constitues an obvious topic for the next JIPLI.

A brief overview of recent developments in the National Assembly in June :

Since there are lots of amendments from the Opposition, the allotted time for debate was run over. Thus, the government alloted the bill to its own time to the National Assembly and added it to the agenda of Monday, 16th June and Friday, 27th June, to debate and pass the remaining amendments (about 300), noticing each time less than a week before. The closing vote occurred on 27 June. Afterwards, this bill will be debated in the Senate. We do not know the date yet but we hope it will no be before autumn.

Altough we were on the look out for the agendas, the short time limit prevented us from setting up a widespread calling up.
Collective work of four homeschooling associations CISE, LAIA, LED’A and PIF enabled to draw up an amendment modifying this new article and to start disseminating it to the deputies initiating the bill or the article L.131-13 and to the members of the Woman’s rights committee on the National Assembly. We also distributed the amendment to the homeschooling social networks with a call for contacting these deputies. The short time limit left us little hope to have at least a deputy supporting it.

Moreover, even in this case, this amendment would allow homeschooling and ease matters in family’s everyday life but education at school would remain the prime reference and the extension of mandatory schooling beyond the age of compulsory education, the Trojan horse opening up the way for other more and more restrictive laws about homeschooling.