La liberté d’instruction n’est pas négociable, c’est un droit inaliénable.

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The parents have not resigned !

They have obtained the withdrawal of two amendments which would have limited the right to educate children at home.

samedi 27 janvier 2007

On January 5th 2007, MP’s Georges Fenech and Philippe Vuilque, proposed two amendments to the Child Protection bill. These amendments were a threat to freedom in education.
Amendment n° 127 required families to give “real and serious” reasons for home education, which would have been subject to the appreciation of the school administration.
Amendment n° 128 made enrolment in a correspondence school compulsory.

The CPLI [1] (Advocacy group for freedom in education), released a statement on Monday, January 8th, which was sent to Valérie Pecresse, reporter for the Child Protection Bill, and member of the family affairs commission of the National Assembly.

This statement was then sent during the night of January 8th to 9th to MP’s and journalists. On Tuesday, January 9th, an early morning AFP press release indicated that the Minister of the Family, Philippe Bas, had announced his opposition to these amendments. A fax from the CPLI was sent on January 10th to the Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, asking him to comment on these measures.

The amendments were withdrawn during the night of January 10th to 11th, at about 1 a.m.

The parents who were represented by the CPLI have shown their determination to preserve their right and freedom to choose, with their children, the way they want to learn… A determination that will continue through local and national action.

[1The CPLI or “Collectif Pour la Liberté d’Instruction” (Advocacy Group for Freedom in Education) was founded in late December 2006, after the parliamentary commission on sectarian influence published a report on December 19th. This report contained recommendations to restrict the right to home educate. The CPLI immediately launched a petition entitled “Education : don’t dismiss the parents” (Éducation : Non au licenciement des parents ! )